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Kay Technologies

3D Printing

kay 3d printing

3D printing process reduces many steps in traditional manufacturing and facilitates the manufacture of complex structural components. These features have led to considerable success in the areas of rapid prototyping and tool development. As a result, 3D printing has opened new possibilities for industries by enabling faster product design, customization, cost reduction, concrete product testing, and more KAY have the knowledge to expand the use of this technology, we have helped many customers to start adopting this technology. Let's plan your business for future technology.

Big Data

kay big data

Today, big data analytic solutions are essential requirement for making full use of these data to extract useful and important information,also storing, processing, and analyzing Data. It is considered as big challenge because of the complicated rapid growth in Data. KAY provides BIG data consulting and implementing services, regardless the scope and diversity of the data, the Data Solutions team will be able to provide you with the unique solutions that enable BI, Reporting and Dashboards as well as utilizing the Big Data analysis tools.


kay cloud

Cloud technology has become one of the most important technologies used in information technology and infrastructure, where technology innovators rely mainly on CT in planning the services and systems. KAY is constantly providing customers with the most advanced cloud technologies from the IT industry leaders as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, etc. We have a professional team to help you embrace cloud solutions, whether your systems do not support cloud service, or need upgrades to compy with cloud computing,move the processing or custom storage space. We work with you step by step on planning, analysis, implementation and technical support.


kay IoT

The concept of "Internet of things" is no longer based on specific applications. The concept has expanded to coincide with many new technical concepts, because of which unprecedented amounts of data will be fetched and hence a challenge for all organizations to harness and use these data for smarter services at lower cost and more efficiently. We offer you an integrated plan to use the best solutions that support the concept of "Internet of things ", we plan, analyze, build with you all the solutions that suit your business.