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Kay Services


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KAY Tech have a technical and consulting team with long experience in supporting business in various governmental and business sectors. Whatever the size of the business, huge organization or micro business, we provide our clients with a range of technical services and technical consultancy services.



kay solutions

KAY Tech has qualified and experienced team that helps assessing your business current technical situation, then plan and design the best high-quality technical solutions. KAY's Tech team will analyze basic and technical requirements, full development and operational plans to achieve the best integration results within your business.


Infrastructure & Networking

kay infastructure

Investing in traditional IT infrastructure has become a costly option for many business sectors, because of the operation and maintenance requirements of this infrastructure. Companies are looking for Cloud Solutions, which helps reduce IT investment costs, agility, unlimited scalability, responsiveness, and speed. KAY Tech provides cloud computing IT services on demand - giving customers a competitive advantage. We work closely with our customers to develop their own cloud solutions while providing full managed cloud services - onsite or off-site - including IT operations and management. KAY Tech is partnering with leading cloud providers and vendors - such as Cisco, EMC, Microsoft and VMware - to ensure the highest customer performance.



kay outsourcing

We provide outsourcing services in various technical projects, not only to provide the qualified team according to the needs of the customer or the project, but also all the client's needs of logistics supply, provision of technical systems and solutions, construction of work procedures, personnel, which ensures that the client reaches the objectives expected to be obtained.


kay consultation

We believe in KAY Tech that every business has unique requirements in all aspects, including business decisions in allocating financial and human resources and many other aspects. Therefore, we consider the difference in each enterprise or business sector to develop the plan of implementation of the requirements of the client's business in accordance with the decisions of the business and requirements, in whatever size or type.