At KAY Tech we do all data center work for our clients, no matter what their aspiration size is. We design data centers, infrastructure solutions and data center processing to comply with cloud technologies, to be compliant with the requirements of applications and e-services. We also provide consulting plans for developing and upgrading data centers and networks, through data center solutions that reduce costs and improve productivity. In KAY Tech, we have a strong partnership with the data center and network makers in the world, to offer our clients the best solutions.


Investing in physical IT infrastructure has become a costly option for many business sectors, because of the operation and maintenance requirements. Therefore, Companies are looking for Cloud Solutions, which helps reduce investment costs, agility, unlimited scalability, responsiveness, and speed. KAY provides cloud computing IT services on demand - giving customers a competitive advantage. We work closely with our customers to develop their own cloud solutions while providing full managed cloud services - onsite or off-site - including IT operations and management. KAY is partnering with leading cloud providers and vendors - such as Cisco, EMC, Microsoft and VMware - to ensure the highest customer performance.


The current different businesses environment requires freedom and flexibility to communicate important information from anywhere and at any time. We work at KAY Tech to provide the best wireless and mobility solutions, and we are fully aware of the challenges facing the increasing demand for wireless networking solutions. For that we have provided the best solutions from the world's leading wireless and technology makers.