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Our elite and experience team can offer you the consultation and software that fits your needs.
All the solutions provided are characterized by smooth integration and simple attractive and elegance design that will guarantee successful application for all solutions.


During the past years, the number of users in KAY systems in all projects has reached 278 199 users in more than 27 educational institutions and training companies.
KAY products, which is a set of programs, developed by our research and development department in collaboration with international research and think tank companies.


Through twelve years, We provided a wide range of solutions and applications that facilitate our clients’ needs in the higher education sectors.
We develop businesses and raise employees’ efficiency in various education, training and technical fields. Our company has earned the clients trust to provide cost effective high quality services.


XTOL .. Real-world training for real-world jobs

Our experiential learning courses are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. These courses put you in challenging, real-world situations where you’ll produce the same deliverables you would on the job.

K-Journal System is a journal website management and publishing system. It has been designed to reduce the time and energy devoted to the clerical and managerial tasks associated with editing a journal, while improving the record-keeping and efficiency of editorial processes.

It covers all aspects of online journal publishing from establishing a journal website to operational tasks like author’s submission process, real-time tracking of manuscript, peer reviewing, editing, publication, archiving, and indexing of the journal.

Latest Projects 

  • Learning Management System LMS

    Highlighted of system advantages: 

    • User friendly content creation
    • Ability to tracking the users’ progress and results, which helps to improve the curriculum.
    • Attractive interface that helps the user to focus on learning.
    • Synchronous and asynchronous learning tools.
    • Tools that support all types of learning (visual, auditory, experience and edutainment).
    • Easy to manage documents and files within the courses


  • System Features

    مزايا النظام

    Key of the system features:

    • Course management: users can easily create, edit, copy, delete and save courses
    • Users role management: enables system admin to control the creation, editing and deleting enrolled users using set of options available in the users list. Also, the admin can add users via importing of a list of xls files.
    • Set of educational tools: to help the instructors to create interactive content for the courses to be more efficient and involving.
    • Social Learning Network: our learning management system utilizes the social network technology which enables students to build groups to exchange ideas and form friendships, and thus improve  learning.

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